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For any assistance, questions, or comments regarding this website please contact the following personnel:
(1) Primary - Deb Lee at phone number (916) 703-9111 or email
Note: Do NOT contact the helpdesk for inquiries regarding the DCC website.
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General SharePoint Video Tutorials and Demos

1. Tour of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Site
2. Find your way around a SharePoint team site
3. Sharing information in lists
4. Sharing information in blogs and wikis
5. Sharing information on discussion boards
6. Sharing information with surveys
7. SharePoint Training Videos
8. Sharing files and documents
9. Maintaining versions of files
10. Creating alerts and subscribing to RSS feeds
11. Cancel an alert or unsubscribe to an RSS feed

Please note that some features are not available to some users. If you
are interested in adding features such as Wikis or Blogs to your
protocol site, or creating a special purpose site, please contact
the DCC Project Manager for more assistance.